Friday, December 15, 2006

K week: Friday

We didn't get a chance to make and mail our kisses yesterday as planned, and in the meantime I realized that it would be better to email a picture of a kiss. So today we took K is for Kiss pictures and emailed them to our family who we're going to see soon!

Here's what Connor's email said:

Dear family,

It is K week. A word that starts with K is Kiss.

Here is a kiss from me to you. I'm excited to see you in 10 days (or less!).



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

K week: Tuesday & Wednesday

Yesterday we just focused on the letter K and learned our new words and poems (after doing starfall, of course). We forgot to do the 3 Little Kittens rhyme. That'll be a good one to do in the car while driving to the mall tomorrow to do some Christmas shopping.

Today I taught Connor about King Benjamin (from the Book of Mormon). Connor said that he thought kings should be nice, not mean. King Benjamin was a good king. I told him all about King Benjamin building a tower so that the people could hear him speak. We focused on the lesson of service to others. King Benjamin taught us (by example and word) to serve others. To serve means to help.

Monday, December 11, 2006

K week: plans

I am obviously not very into preschool right now. It's a busy time of year for all of us. I don't want to just not do preschool the next two weeks, but it will be minimal at best. As long as we focus on that one sound, do starfall, and read our words and poems each day, we'll be doing great.

A lot of our preschool lately has taken place in the car while driving to run errands. We have had discussions about habitiats, gratitude, conifers, etc. while driving. It actually serves two purposes: 1. teach Connor something new & have a conversation with him; and 2. keep him awake!

Here are the plans for K week:

word cards: kangaroo, kiss, king, kitten, kite.

Keep a Poem in Your Pocket
by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Keep a poem in your pocket
and a picture in your head
and you’ll never feel lonely
at night when you’re in bed.

The little poem will sing to you
the little picture bring to you
a dozen dreams to dance to you
at night when you’re in bed.

Keep a picture in your pocket
and a poem in your head
and you’ll never feel lonely
at night when you’re in bed.

Monday: kites. Today we read a book called The Emperor and the Kite with the word kite as an introduction to the /k/ sound.

Tuesday kittens. We'll act out the Three Little Kittens rhyme with mittens. Kitten starts with /k/ and mitten rhymes with kitten.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): King Benjamin. I'll tell him about King Benjamin and talk to him about what service is, especially as it relates to this time of year.

Thursday: kiss. We'll send a "kiss" in the mail to our family who we will be going to visit for Christmas.

Friday: kids. Connor has a playdate with his friends Porter and Caroline. Korea. We'll read the Korean Cinderella and find Korea on a map. (Connor knows about Korea because his Papa Rich and Nanajan used to live there.)

Other K words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: kings & queens, kangaroo, koala, ketchup, Korea, keys.