Sunday, April 08, 2007

U week: plans

Here are the plans for U week:

word cards: up, under, umbrella, uncle, umpire

The Puffin
by Robert Williams Wood

Upon this cake of ice is perched
The paddle-footed Puffin;
To find his double we have searched,
But have discovered—Nuffin!

Monday (social studies/science): Uncles. How are uncles related to us? They're our mother or father's brothers. We'll talk about this relationship and Connor will draw or paint or stamp a picture or card for each of his uncles.

Tuesday (math): Up/down; Under/over. We'll review opposites

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): Unhappy. (This is a stretch.) We'll talk about how we are unhappy (which means not happy) when we don't choose the right. I need to get Connor a new CTR ring. He heard (and heard us repeat) that story from General Conference about the little boy whose excuse for teasing his sister (or something) was that he'd lost his CTR ring. Now when I talk about choosing the right or doing what Jesus wants us to do, he mentions that he needs to find his CTR ring.

Thursday (movement/music): Umbrella. Thursday is suppose to be very rainy. We'll take a walk in the rain with an umbrella. Connor will LOVE this.

Friday (art project): bUtton sort. I'll give Connor a handful of random buttons. He can sort them by size, color, shape, number of holes, or however he wants to. Then he'll glue them on his paper. cUtting. Connor needs practice cutting. I'll let him play with his scissors, cutting shapes from paper.

Books we'll be reading:
(I couldn't find many books with word beginning with U for this week. We'll be reading books with the /u/ sound in the titles. I'll work with Connor on hearing this sound in the middle of words. We'll sound words out and hear the middle sounds. This is an important step in learning to read.)
Gus the Bus by Olga Cossi
Bear Hunt adapted by Kathleen Savage & Margaret Siewert (this will be fun to act out)
Little Bunny Biddle Bunny by David Kirk
Lunch Bunnies by Kathryn Lasky