Sunday, May 06, 2007

V week: plans

We're back from our vacation. We had so much fun at Disneyland and in Utah with our family. Three weeks off of preschool! We're ready to jump back in. Along with preschool we need to get back in the habit of Connor doing his daily tasks and helping out around the house. If you've been keeping up with your own preschool with your toddler, let me know how it's going or share your success stories. I'd love to have some stories from readers to post.

Here are the plans for V week:

word cards: violin, vacuum, volcano, van, vegetable

The Letter V
by Katrina Lybbert

The letter V, the letter V,
How I love the letter V.
Violin, vegetable, volcano, van.
I can say V words,
Now see if you can!

Monday: vacuum. Monday is clean-the-house day, so I'll teach Connor how to vacuum. It's about time he started pulling his own weight around here!

Tuesday (math): vertical & horizontal. I'll teach Connor the difference between vertical and horizontal lines. We'll look around the house and yard for examples of each and spend some time drawing lines.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): valiant. One of my favorite Primary songs is I Will Be Valiant. I'll teach Connor the song as well as the meaning of the word valiant. (Children's Songbook, p. 162)

Thursday (movement/music): violin. I'll share some classical music with Connor and help him pick out the sound of the violin. Abigail will really enjoy this as well.

Friday (art project): volcano. We'll tie in social studies and science today since we vacuumed on Monday. We'll design a volcano around a 2-liter bottle (just with construction paper) and then cause a chemical reaction inside to create the lava flowing out. I think Connor will love this and it'll be great to do it outside and keep the mess out of the house.