Thursday, March 01, 2007

S week: Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday I read Connor the story of Samuel the Lamanite (from the Book of Mormon) and he was totally into it. He's really enjoying reading the illustrated scriptures with me each night and always wants to read one more chapter. I love sharing that with him.

Today we played soccer outside. Enough snow had melted that we could run and play. I tried to teach him some of the rules. He liked that the "goalie goal" could touch the ball with his hands. And he liked learning how to throw the ball in from the sidelines. I tried to teach him to kick with the inside of his foot instead of his toe, but he didn't think that would be good. So we just played his way. When his pants and feet were all wet and he was cold we came in for some hot chocolate and warmed up so we could do the rest of preschool.

All week Connor has been asking when it's going to be March. I guess he's sick of February; and it's the shortest month! So he was pretty excited today to make his March calendar on Starfall and then to change the calendar on our preschool chart. I love that he's making connections to things like days and months.

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss day!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

S is for Super Slippery Slime

We didn't get a chance to make Super Slippery Slime yesterday. But we did get to play in the snow twice and build a snowman! Connor loved it. He was "making animal tracks" by crawling around in the snow. Abby thought it was pretty hysterical to see her brother in the snow.

So, today we did our Subtraction plans for preschool. Then in the afternoon lull, I decided it was time for some Super Slippery Slime. Connor had a great time and played in it for at least half an hour. His fingertips were raisins when we finally washed all the slime off. What a great, easy, not too messy, easy to clean up activity!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

S week: plans

Here are the plans for S week:

word cards: sand, sunshine, soccer, star, snow

The Sword-Swallower
by Shel Silverstein

The great sword-swallower Salomar,
He wears no ties or collars.
He leans back, opens up his mouth,
And "Gulp," his sword he swallers.

I guess he finds it fun to feel
That steel down in his belly.
It's fine for he, but as for me--
I'll take some bread and jelly.

Monday: I don't always stick to my social studies/science plan for Monday. This week I want to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday on Friday, so we'll do some sensory activities on Monday. Super Slippery Slime (made from cornstarch and water, a lot like Oobleck from the Dr. Seuss book) will be fun for Connor to play with. And if we have time we'll pull out the shape cookie cutters and the play-doh and review the shapes Connor knows.

Tuesday (math): Subtraction. We'll work on subtraction with manipulatives. I have some ball erasers, some of which are soccer balls. We'll use those to work out some subtraction problems. (At this age he does not need to learn the numeral representation of a subtraction problem, but just needs to be introduced to the concept of having some of something, taking some away, and seeing what's left. And, actually, "take away" is a more appropriate name for this when teaching toddlers.)

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): Samuel the Lamanite. We'll read the story and talk about how great it is that Heavenly Father loves us and takes care of us when we are following his commandments and living as He would have us live.

Thursday (movement/music): Soccer. Connor loves soccer and has a collection of soccer balls that Alan has brought back from other countries. We'll play soccer and I'll teach Connor a few rules of the game.

Friday (art project): Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration. This is a fun day to celebrate with children because they love Dr. Seuss's books. We'll read his books all week and culminate the week in a Dr. Seuss celebration with games, mazes, and we'll explore the Seussville and Seussville Games sites online.

Other S words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: spaceship, scarecrow, seashore, sandwiches. (Check the Letter of the Week and Everyday Preschool links at right for more ideas.)