Tuesday, February 27, 2007

S is for Super Slippery Slime

We didn't get a chance to make Super Slippery Slime yesterday. But we did get to play in the snow twice and build a snowman! Connor loved it. He was "making animal tracks" by crawling around in the snow. Abby thought it was pretty hysterical to see her brother in the snow.

So, today we did our Subtraction plans for preschool. Then in the afternoon lull, I decided it was time for some Super Slippery Slime. Connor had a great time and played in it for at least half an hour. His fingertips were raisins when we finally washed all the slime off. What a great, easy, not too messy, easy to clean up activity!


liz said...

the obstacle course was so fun to see the boys go through!

guess i am not caught up to your letters afterall (?) we are just on P this week. ;-)

Brooke said...

That looks so fun, my boys would love that!
We are just on C week, we had fun making the cloud picture with cotton balls. Keep up the good ideas :)
I hope you don't mind, I told a few friends about your blog. You are becoming more and more admired by mothers all across the country!
Brooke from Utah