Tuesday, November 28, 2006

J week: Monday and Tuesday


Connor was excited, as he usually is on Mondays, to click on a new letter at Starfall. I don't let him do the letters we haven't done yet. He can click on any of the past letters and review them, but I want it to be exciting each week when we get to click on a new letter and see what words and activities start with that letter. We read a story about a joey (baby kangaroo) and actually learned a lot. I can't believe those mothers carry their babies around until they're almost the same size as the mother!


Today we read a story called Bumper to Bumper: A Traffic Jam by Jakki Wood. Then we made our very own traffic jam. Connor was SO excited to do this. I had told him in the morning that that's what we'd be doing for preschool and he could hardley wait to make a traffic jam. He was running and jumping and sayin, "I love making traffic jams!" In the picture of him with his traffic jam, he's signing the letter J.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

J week: Plans

Here are the plans for J week:

word cards: juice, jungle, joy, juggle, jump.

J’s the Jumping Jay-Walker
by Phyllis McGinley

J’s the jumping Jay-walker
A sort of human jeep.
He crosses where the lights are red.
Before he looks, he’ll leap!
Then many a wheel
Begins to squeal,
And many a brake to slam.
He turns your knees to jelly
And the traffic into jam.

Monday: joey. A joey is a baby kangaroo. Learn about how a joey lives. What are other animal babies called?

Tuesday traffic jam. Read a book about a traffic jam, talk about what it is, and make one with his cars on his road map.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): Joseph & the Coat of Many Colors. I'll tell him this story and we'll listen to some of the music from the musical.

Thursday (movement): juggle & jump. Movement to music.

Friday (art project): jelly fish. We'll make a jelly fish from crepe paper and a paper plate.

Other J words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: jungle, joy, juice, jelly beans, Jack & Jill, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.