Friday, September 29, 2006

C week: Friday

Today was another busy and fun day. We did preschool this morning while Abby was napping. Connor and I mixed paint colors to see what other colors we could make. We had the primary colors and did three color experiments. We mixed red and yellow first and made orange. We mixed red and blue next and made purple. And last, but definitely not least, we mixed blue and yellow and made green! Connor has been talking about what colors make when they're mixed for a while. Actually, it's probably been since our ice-cube melting experiment in the summer. The only combination he never forgets is the blue and yellow make green. Of course!

We spent the morning at our friends' house, playing with the kids while the mom went to the doctor. And then after Connor's brief nap on the floor of the living room, we went to the birthday party. After Abby went to bed Connor and I did some party preparation for his birthday party that's coming up next week. He's a great little helper.

Actually, right now he's crawling around on the floor behind me. He sneaked out of his room. He says he's "not really tired" and he's just playing and whispering to himself. It's pretty cute and he's not bugging me, so how can I be mad? But I better get him back in the general vicinity of his room and bed, I guess.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

C week: Thursday

It happened. Today was the day. The first day that we skipped preschool. We had a busy day. Connor played at Annika's this morning and then we went straight over to the RS potluck lunch. I was really planning on Connor falling asleep on the way home so that I could check something off my ever-growing TO DO list. But he didn't. And then after about 10 quiet minutes in his bed he whispered so sweetly, "Mommy, I'm not tired." And since it was almost 3:00 I just let him get up.

Then our friends came over to visit for a little while. And then we walked up to another friend's house to style her daughter's hair (and play in the backyard). Then we came home, had dinner, took baths, did tapping, brushed teeth and the kids are sleeping soundly.

It will not become a habit to skip preschool. In fact, we were about to do it before our friends came over, but Connor was resisting and I don't want to force it, and we wouldn't have had time to do all of it, so we just skipped it. But that won't happen again! At least not very soon.

But Connor did have some good socializing today. He had fun at Annika's for his play date. And then at the potluck, he played with two other friends. They were hiding out in the "forest" in the backyard. It's cute to see him playing so well with other kids. And great that he's not asking me to play with him so often when we're at get-togethers with friends.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

C week: Wednesday

No pictures again today. Today was a very full and busy and fun day. This morning I chose to do my hair instead of do preschool before we left the house. We took Connor's friend Caroline with us over to another Singing Time group at Connor's friend Porter's house. Caroline, Porter, and Connor played so cute together. It's really fun to see Connor having relationships with his friends and being silly and having fun with them.

So, we did preschool after Connor's nap today. We did our routine on the computer and with our chart. Connor's starting to catch on more to the days of the week. That's a tricky thing to learn. Our lesson today was about Christmas and why we celebrate it and about Jesus Christ. (It's scriptures/gospel Wednesday.)

So we talked about who Jesus Christ is and he remembered quite a bit from what we've talked about and especially from the Nativity that he played with last Christmas. He loved that Nativity and has talked about it a lot over the year. (In fact, the word activity used to confuse him because he thought it was about Mary and Jesus and shepherds.) Then we watched a cartoon video about the story of Christ's birth. He wasn't thrilled at first since he wanted to watch Frog and Toad. But once the movie started he enjoyed it and asked questions and commented about what was happening. (King Herod was mean!)

It was a good preschool day. I know I've said this before, but I'm so glad that our preschool plan is so flexible and that Connor's really learning. And I'm proud of myself for keeping his social schedule filled with fun play dates with friends.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

C week: Tuesday

Today we worked on counting from 1 to 20 and Connor did great. I love the way he's been counting and haven't wanted to correct him yet. But today we worked on getting the numbers in order and he did great. I even found a book that counts to 20 that we could read together and count pictures together before counting objects. It's called Counting Our Way to Maine by Maggie Smith. After reading the book, we counted little pom poms (something Connor had never seen before, which made it more exciting to count) all the way to 20. Then tonight before bed we counted all his fingers and toes–20! And all my fingers and toes–20 too!

Monday, September 25, 2006

C week: Monday

Preschool was split up today. We did our computer time and chart time, then read a book together (Curious George goes to a Chocolate Factory) and then went for our walk around the duck pond.

Then we did something really fun, not preschool related. We went to Party City to shop for Connor's birthday party that's coming up next week. We are so excited to have a green ABC party. We bought everything green in the store. It'll be great to have our house decorated green!

After Connor's rest (no nap today, but he's already asleep!) we read The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola. Well, we read the first few pages, but when it got into all the kinds of kinds of clouds, we just looked at the pictures. Then we drew a picture together. Connor drew the grass and a flower. I'm amazed at how good he is getting at drawing. He drew me and I drew him. Then he drew a sun. Finally, we got to glue cotton ball clouds in the sky of our picture. It turned out pretty cute and Connor was excited to hang it on the fridge so we could see it from all the way across the kitchen!

We also had fun laying on the grass outside, watching the clouds move by and trying to find shapes in the clouds. Once I mentioned seeing a shark, that's pretty much all Connor could see in the clouds. "But those sharks aren't scary because they're just cloud sharks."

Photos wouldn't upload, so you can go here to see them.