Thursday, September 28, 2006

C week: Thursday

It happened. Today was the day. The first day that we skipped preschool. We had a busy day. Connor played at Annika's this morning and then we went straight over to the RS potluck lunch. I was really planning on Connor falling asleep on the way home so that I could check something off my ever-growing TO DO list. But he didn't. And then after about 10 quiet minutes in his bed he whispered so sweetly, "Mommy, I'm not tired." And since it was almost 3:00 I just let him get up.

Then our friends came over to visit for a little while. And then we walked up to another friend's house to style her daughter's hair (and play in the backyard). Then we came home, had dinner, took baths, did tapping, brushed teeth and the kids are sleeping soundly.

It will not become a habit to skip preschool. In fact, we were about to do it before our friends came over, but Connor was resisting and I don't want to force it, and we wouldn't have had time to do all of it, so we just skipped it. But that won't happen again! At least not very soon.

But Connor did have some good socializing today. He had fun at Annika's for his play date. And then at the potluck, he played with two other friends. They were hiding out in the "forest" in the backyard. It's cute to see him playing so well with other kids. And great that he's not asking me to play with him so often when we're at get-togethers with friends.

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