Friday, September 29, 2006

C week: Friday

Today was another busy and fun day. We did preschool this morning while Abby was napping. Connor and I mixed paint colors to see what other colors we could make. We had the primary colors and did three color experiments. We mixed red and yellow first and made orange. We mixed red and blue next and made purple. And last, but definitely not least, we mixed blue and yellow and made green! Connor has been talking about what colors make when they're mixed for a while. Actually, it's probably been since our ice-cube melting experiment in the summer. The only combination he never forgets is the blue and yellow make green. Of course!

We spent the morning at our friends' house, playing with the kids while the mom went to the doctor. And then after Connor's brief nap on the floor of the living room, we went to the birthday party. After Abby went to bed Connor and I did some party preparation for his birthday party that's coming up next week. He's a great little helper.

Actually, right now he's crawling around on the floor behind me. He sneaked out of his room. He says he's "not really tired" and he's just playing and whispering to himself. It's pretty cute and he's not bugging me, so how can I be mad? But I better get him back in the general vicinity of his room and bed, I guess.

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