Sunday, October 01, 2006

D week: plans

I totally forgot to post my plans on Friday. It was quite the busy week. And this upcoming week is even busier. I'm slightly overwhelmed.

But here are the plans for D week:

word cards: daddy, dinosaur, dog, duck, dolphin
If I Could Be a Dinosaur

If I could be a dinosaur
I wouldn't talk, I'd only roar.
I'd stomp around and shake the ground,
If I were a dinosaur.
I'd stretch my long, long neck up high,
To see where pterodactyls fly.
I'd eat the leaves off tall, tall trees,
If I were a dinosaur.

Monday (science): desert. We'll talk about the desert, what it is, look at the map to see how it looks different where there's desert and mountains and plains. Utah is a desert and we'll be going there soon, so we'll discuss that.

Tuesday (math): Adding and subtracting with dinosaurs. We'll use Connor's toy dinosaurs to count and add and take-away.

Wednesday (scriptures/gospel): David & Goliath. We'll read a book about David & Goliath (Little Golden Books that I found at the library on their sale rack--50¢ each!) and review the story. Connor knows this story and likes it, so it should be fun. If he's into it, we may talk about Daniel and the lion's den too. Connor knows and loves that story.

Thursday (movement/activity): doh. We'll play with playdoh. We can make dinosaurs and dogs and ducks out of playdoh.

Friday (art project): draw Daddy. Sort of an assessment. I want to see how Connor is representing people in his drawing.

Other D words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: Dr. Seuss, drawing, decorating (cookies), dirt, dumptruck.

Note: Next week we will be going to San Diego and Utah. We will do E week (informally) while we're in San Diego and then the two weeks in Utah we'll focus on reviewing A, B, C, D, and E. So, October 30th we'll be starting F week.

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Mel said...

I am working on my "D" day and watned to incorporate a treat that started with the letter "D". I am stuck... did you associate food with the letters you were learning? If so, what did yo do for each one? You Can email me at