Monday, March 12, 2007

Preschool Moms

Check out how cute one mom & son's cloud pictures turned out during C week. I love that people are using my ideas. Why not? They're there for the taking!

If you have something to share from your preschool weeks, let me know and I'll share them here. Or I'll link to your own blog so everyone can learn from your ideas!

I'm working on a post about how to teach children to read and the basic rules of "sounding out." I was talking to a friend about her kindergarten son learning to read and she mentioned that she doesn't know the rules. I was surprised. I thought everyone knew all the vowel sounds and rules of phonics. Alan thinks it's so funny when I refer to it as a short sound. He reminds me that that doesn't mean anything to him. Well, it should! Oh, well. I guess I'll take care of the reading instruction in our home. (Because I feel strongly that it's not something you just leave up to the school. Parents should be involved in their kids' learning to read.) So, I'll post that "tutorial" soon.