Wednesday, September 27, 2006

C week: Wednesday

No pictures again today. Today was a very full and busy and fun day. This morning I chose to do my hair instead of do preschool before we left the house. We took Connor's friend Caroline with us over to another Singing Time group at Connor's friend Porter's house. Caroline, Porter, and Connor played so cute together. It's really fun to see Connor having relationships with his friends and being silly and having fun with them.

So, we did preschool after Connor's nap today. We did our routine on the computer and with our chart. Connor's starting to catch on more to the days of the week. That's a tricky thing to learn. Our lesson today was about Christmas and why we celebrate it and about Jesus Christ. (It's scriptures/gospel Wednesday.)

So we talked about who Jesus Christ is and he remembered quite a bit from what we've talked about and especially from the Nativity that he played with last Christmas. He loved that Nativity and has talked about it a lot over the year. (In fact, the word activity used to confuse him because he thought it was about Mary and Jesus and shepherds.) Then we watched a cartoon video about the story of Christ's birth. He wasn't thrilled at first since he wanted to watch Frog and Toad. But once the movie started he enjoyed it and asked questions and commented about what was happening. (King Herod was mean!)

It was a good preschool day. I know I've said this before, but I'm so glad that our preschool plan is so flexible and that Connor's really learning. And I'm proud of myself for keeping his social schedule filled with fun play dates with friends.

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