Monday, September 25, 2006

C week: Monday

Preschool was split up today. We did our computer time and chart time, then read a book together (Curious George goes to a Chocolate Factory) and then went for our walk around the duck pond.

Then we did something really fun, not preschool related. We went to Party City to shop for Connor's birthday party that's coming up next week. We are so excited to have a green ABC party. We bought everything green in the store. It'll be great to have our house decorated green!

After Connor's rest (no nap today, but he's already asleep!) we read The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola. Well, we read the first few pages, but when it got into all the kinds of kinds of clouds, we just looked at the pictures. Then we drew a picture together. Connor drew the grass and a flower. I'm amazed at how good he is getting at drawing. He drew me and I drew him. Then he drew a sun. Finally, we got to glue cotton ball clouds in the sky of our picture. It turned out pretty cute and Connor was excited to hang it on the fridge so we could see it from all the way across the kitchen!

We also had fun laying on the grass outside, watching the clouds move by and trying to find shapes in the clouds. Once I mentioned seeing a shark, that's pretty much all Connor could see in the clouds. "But those sharks aren't scary because they're just cloud sharks."

Photos wouldn't upload, so you can go here to see them.


CL said...

SO cute.

Robyn said...

i love your ideas. we have school every morning...sophia's favorite part of the day, but i've been running low on new things to do with her, so i'll have to steal a few of your fabulously creative ideas!