Friday, September 22, 2006

C week: plans

Here are the plans for C week:
word cards: caboose, construction, cloud, color, cookies
Caterpillar Crawling

One little caterpillar crawled on my shoe,
Another came along and now there are two.
Two little caterpillars crawled on my knee
Another came along and now there are three.
Three little caterpillars crawled on the floor.
Another came along and then there were four.
Four little caterpillars watch them crawl away
They'll all turn into butterflies some fine day.

Monday (science): clouds. We'll talk about the different kinds of clouds in the sky (and read The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola) and then make clouds from cotton balls to glue on blue construction paper.

Tuesday (math): Counting from 1 to 20. We'll just practice doing this, probably dancing while we do it or counting our fingers and toes. Right now Connor counts like this after 10: "eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, sixteen, eleventeen...oh, and fiveteen."

Wednesday (scriptures/gospel): Christmas/Christ. We'll talk about who Jesus Christ is and why we have Christmas to celebrate His birth. We may watch the scripture video of the Nativity too.

Thursday (movement/activity): construction fieldtrip. We'll go for a drive to a place up the street where they're doing construction and watch the construction trucks work.

Friday (art project): colors. We'll mix the primary colors to make the secondary colors. Connor is already catching on to this idea, so it'll be fun to have some hands-on time with mixing paint colors and making new colors.

Other C words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: camping, community, cookies, caterpillar, clown, clock, castle.

NOTE: This week is about the hard sound of the letter C. It's important to focus on words that start with this sound and not bring in words like circus and circle. Of course, you can always explain to your preschooler that C has two sounds, but for the first exposure to C, you should stick with one sound.

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