Tuesday, November 28, 2006

J week: Monday and Tuesday


Connor was excited, as he usually is on Mondays, to click on a new letter at Starfall. I don't let him do the letters we haven't done yet. He can click on any of the past letters and review them, but I want it to be exciting each week when we get to click on a new letter and see what words and activities start with that letter. We read a story about a joey (baby kangaroo) and actually learned a lot. I can't believe those mothers carry their babies around until they're almost the same size as the mother!


Today we read a story called Bumper to Bumper: A Traffic Jam by Jakki Wood. Then we made our very own traffic jam. Connor was SO excited to do this. I had told him in the morning that that's what we'd be doing for preschool and he could hardley wait to make a traffic jam. He was running and jumping and sayin, "I love making traffic jams!" In the picture of him with his traffic jam, he's signing the letter J.

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CL said...

Seriously, you are a super-mom. You are an example to us all. Could you not be so perfect?