Sunday, November 26, 2006

J week: Plans

Here are the plans for J week:

word cards: juice, jungle, joy, juggle, jump.

J’s the Jumping Jay-Walker
by Phyllis McGinley

J’s the jumping Jay-walker
A sort of human jeep.
He crosses where the lights are red.
Before he looks, he’ll leap!
Then many a wheel
Begins to squeal,
And many a brake to slam.
He turns your knees to jelly
And the traffic into jam.

Monday: joey. A joey is a baby kangaroo. Learn about how a joey lives. What are other animal babies called?

Tuesday traffic jam. Read a book about a traffic jam, talk about what it is, and make one with his cars on his road map.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): Joseph & the Coat of Many Colors. I'll tell him this story and we'll listen to some of the music from the musical.

Thursday (movement): juggle & jump. Movement to music.

Friday (art project): jelly fish. We'll make a jelly fish from crepe paper and a paper plate.

Other J words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: jungle, joy, juice, jelly beans, Jack & Jill, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

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