Monday, September 11, 2006

How this Preschool came to be

Last year I did a co-op with two of Connor's friends and their moms. We took turns teaching a once-a-week preschool on Thursday mornings. It worked out great. The kids had fun. The moms had fun (and got breaks when they weren't teaching). The kids learned a little bit about the ABC's. And they learned a lot about sharing and having fun with friends.

I wanted to do the same thing again this year. We have a great singing time tradition with all our toddler/preschooler friends on Tuesday mornings. And I loved adding the Thursday morning preschool to our schedule. Connor has 3 more years before he goes to kindergarten, so I just wanted to do one day a week for another year, and then switch to two days for the two years before he goes to school.

But it didn't work out. So, I thought about teaching a preschool in my home and having 2 or 3 other kids and making some money that way. But that didn't work out either. Not enough paying customers since all our friends had already figured out preschool plans (we were late getting started).

So, I decided to just do my own preschool with Connor and focus my efforts on getting him together with friends to play. At his age preschool is for social development more than anything anyway. So I have some scheduled play dates for him and then I have open days each week for us to call a friend and play or go to the park.

And that's how preschool with Connor and mommy was born. We do a letter each week and after five (or six) weeks we do a review week; when we finish reviewing all 26 letters, we'll do the long vowel sounds. We do a little activity each day along with our routine (see above). I love that it's just me and Connor. I love that it's scheduled, but flexible. We have a routine to follow, but we can do it whenever it fits in each day (most likely during Abby's morning nap). We can break it up and do part in the morning and part after his nap. It's going to be a fun year learning together.

And it'll be fun to have this blog to record what we do and learn together!

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