Thursday, October 19, 2006

Preschool Update

E week in San Diego was great! We stayed in a house on E Avenue, so that was pretty cool. And we went in many entrances and out a lot of exits. We ate eggs. We forgot to look at an engine. We sang the E song once or twice. And that was it. I really didn't do much. It was vacation! But it was a fun week with family. Connor had a great time with his Papa Rich, Nanajan, uncles, aunts, and cousins (after he warmed up; he takes a while to warm up in big, chaotic situations). He and Ayden played well together for the most part. Much better than 6 months ago when they were together (the older they get, the less the age difference will matter, I'm guessing). And Connor loved baby Sophie and was so cute with her. He became quite the silly boy while with my family. Every word was silly or rhyming and bathroom humor even entered his vocabulary. Poo is really quite funny.

Anyway, now we're in Utah (we drove back from CA in Nanajan's van) and having a great time here with family. We miss Alan a lot. He's working hard to support our family. We spent the last two days with Papa Fred and Grandma Rama in SLC and they threw a great birthday party for Connor. He had a cake with a real (toy) train on it! He loved it and loved being the birthday boy. Supposedly this week and next week are review weeks, but really they're just fun weeks. He is sharing his poems with family, though. To my family it's "If I could be a see where berybactyls by..." But for his cousin Annabelle he actually said two of them correctly. He really likes Annabelle!

So that's the update for now. We'll be back for F week on October 30!

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ashley said...

glad you are having fun on your vacation. its funny how poo becomes a funny word. pax went through a phase like that too ... glad its mostly over all though some days its still quite the funny word.