Friday, November 03, 2006

F week: Friday...oops

We didn't do preschool officially today. Oops.

But we did run about 6 or 7 errands on the way to play at a friend's house. And then came home in time to pick up a couple of other friends to come to our house to play. By the time they went home Connor was pooped so we had dinner, got jammies on and went to bed.

Connor was my BIG helper today. He helped me through all of our errands–returning things to friends, Buy Buy Baby for a gift and a non-slip bath mat, Staples for RS stuff, gas station, Post Office to mail back Nike's and the gift purchased at Buy Buy Baby, and Michael's for another gift item. It was a busy morning and I couldn't have done it (happily) without my great helper. Connor was especially cute at the Post Office. He carried in the bag with the big box of shoes in it and dragged it all the way through the long line (is it a rule that Post Offices must be understaffed?) and talked cheerfully to me the whole time. He's such a great kid. A good boy and a fun buddy to have with me on my errands.

We did teach Annika how to make the sign for the letter F and sang the letter F song, so that can count for our preschool on this busy Friday.

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