Wednesday, November 01, 2006

F week: Tuesday and Wednesday


Halloween was a fun preschool day. We didn't officially do the daily preschool routine, but we did do our frog activity as planned. Thanks to Tania for letting us borrow her frog counters, we had a great time sorting and lining up frogs. Very educational too.

But we also celebrated Halloween, which is just as important to Connor's development as learning to differentiate and sort, in my opinion. We had an impromptu Halloween celebration at our house in the morning. Several friends (and their moms and siblings) came over for our usual Singing Time time and we did Halloween activities. Connor had fun sharing his game Pin-the-nose-on-the-Jack-o-lantern that he got in a birthday package from his cousins. He also really got into the books that we shared. They're just little ditto-paper books that Grandma Rama gave him (she was a teacher) but he's loved reading them and loved even more sharing them with his friends.


A great preschool day. I was a good mom on Wednesday. Despite my really busy day (doctors visits and flu shots for the kids, watching a friend's son, planning a lesson and tutoring a first grader, and meeting with the RS presidency at the church), I spent a lot of time really playing with my kids. That always feels good. I am making an effort to do that more and not always be trying to get something else done or thinking about what I need to be doing when I'm playing with them.

Connor and I spent almost an hour together while Abby was sleeping. We did our computer time and our chart time (making a new calendar for November and talking about events coming up this month). We talked about the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, using his flannel board book. He got so into it that he wanted to do all of the miracles in the book. It was great to just sit with my boy and talk about Jesus and teach Connor about the miracles Jesus performed when He was on earth.

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