Monday, November 06, 2006

G week: Monday

Today was our busy day. Connor went to his friend Colin's house (thanks, Erin!) and Abby and I went to feed the missionaries lunch. When we got back we had some serious grocery shopping to do. I'm actually planning meals and shopping for them this week. That's big for me. But I figure that since I'll be home ALL DAY, EVERYDAY this week I will have time to cook. And it'll be fun to cook with Connor if I'm not rushed. Plus it'll keep him in the kitchen where any possible potty training accidents will be much easier to clean up than on the living room carpet.

Alan got home at 6 tonight!!! So we did preschool with him. Connor showed him what we do on the computer and on our chart. Then we read a book called Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert and talked about gardens. We did the file folder game called "Grandpa's Garden" and Connor had to tell us whether he thought each food was a fruit or a vegetable. He got most of them correct.

Tomorrow's the big day. Wish us luck!

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