Thursday, November 09, 2006

G week: Wednesday & Thursday

{G is for goose}


We only got as far as computer time. Never made it to chart time or to learning the Golden Rule. But we did sit on the potty and clean up lots of pee. FUN!


A great preschool day to make up for the previous two days. (I forgot to say that on Tuesday we made green salt dough. Technically not "'preschool" but it was a fun learning/playing experience together).

We decided to abort Mission:Underwear for now and it made us both so much happier. We had a fun time finding deals at Old Navy and getting milk and cereal at Trader Joe's. (Would you believe that the little shopping carts they have there have been stolen? That's right. Stolen. There is only one left, so Connor didn't get to push one today. Sad!)

We walked to and around the duck/goose pond today with our friends. Connor had a great time running and playing and got very muddy splashing in puddles left from yesterday's crazy rainstorm.

Tonight after Abby went to bed we did computer and chart time. Then we played a new game that Connor got from his friends who were cleaning out their toy closet. We were laughing and talking and having fun. Connor is a great kid! And when he's wearing pull-ups I can focus on how great he is and not on the pee that is about to be all over the floor.

We had a few M&Ms for dessert tonight and Connor said, "Look, Mom. A lowercase M on those because they're called M&Ms so they start with M."

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liz said...

i love that connor has always enjoyed wearing sunglasses without a fuss. as long as i have known him!