Thursday, February 01, 2007

O week: Thursday

I haven't been posting daily lately. We've been pretty much doing what was planned. And we haven't skipped a day in the past few weeks! I had a good friend ask for input on setting up her own preschool like this with a friend and it was so fun to sit down and write out my ideas. My inner teacher was so happy to have a moment to shine. I really love being a teacher, especially sharing the teaching and learning process with Connor.

Today I set up an obstacle course for Connor to do for our letter O movement activity.

Here's what he had to do:

play the xylophone

then go under the bar on the upside-down coffee table

clap three times (the picture took after he finished clapping)

run around the ottoman

jump three times on the pillows

wheel the stroller over to the chair

then sit on the chair to finish

Connor was so into this idea of obstacle courses and continued to think of ways to add to what I'd set up to make it even more fun. Fun times!

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liz said...

oh I love this idea! We are almost caught up on letters with your plan! We do O this week and P next.

I love getting these little boys MOVING so I am excited for O and using your idea.