Tuesday, February 06, 2007

P is for patterns

Today we made patterns with our snacks. Connor wrote perfect Ps on his paper. Then we made patterns with the snacks and drew the patterns on the paper. Connor and I both really enjoyed this activity. And I remember from school that it's important for children to record their observations, to learn to draw and write about what they see. So we'll be doing this more often. Taking a clipboard outside and making observations, etc. It's great for kids and fun too!


chyayn said...

you are such a good teacher!! I love all of your ideas and want to try patterns with Claire.:) And writing the letters...I need to do THAT! Thanks for sharing! You are awesome! My sister Brooke started letter A today with your blog and said it went great and her little boy Jonah was soo excited. Then she said she was at a playgroup and was telling all these moms about your blog and she said they were all excited...so you ahve a little UTAH following! Hope thats ok-thanks for your good ideas!

Lizzy said...

I love doing patterns with food! I'm teaching P preschool this week and just finished making some sticker patterns. now i'm thinking this looks way more fun!