Thursday, April 05, 2007

T week: update

Tuesday Connor learned how to tell time. Well, he didn't really learn how. But I taught him about the face and the different hands and he watched the second hand move around the clock for a whole minute. He was really interested in it and is now more interested in the clock.

Wednesday we talked about telling the truth. We read the book about the Berenstain Bears and the truth and then discussed what it means to be honest. Then we made a paper cup and string telephone. Connor had seen his friends try it the day before, only they used paper towels taped together for the string and it didn't quite work. He wanted to try it. And telephone starts with T so we added that to our preschool plans for the day. I had never really played with one of those and it actually worked. I was pretty surprised. I can't get Connor to hold it tight enough without touching the string and stopping the voice from traveling. But it's still fun.

It doesn't look like our Thursday train is going to happen. I keep inviting Connor to come do preschool, but he just wants to play. And I'm going to the doctor in a little while, so we probably won't get a chance today. It's okay because painting with tire tracks tomorrow is going to be lots of fun!

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