Thursday, September 21, 2006

B week: day four

I was a little worried this morning when Connor said, "it's not still B week?" because I don't want him to get sick of a week and be forcing him to enjoy preschool every Thursday and Friday. But it was only because "the bear [on STARFALL] is scary" so we just did part of the letter B site today.

If you have kids, you should check out the site (link to the right). For each letter there is a "book" that they click through and hear words that start with the sound and then there's a capital/lowercase sorting game at the end. It's really cute.

Connor loves the part in the letter B one where the boy says, "I am a boy" and clicks on it a few times to hear it again and again. But next comes the bear. So we have to stop after the boy.

We read a Berenstain Bears book today about a Big Red Kite. Connor loved it. It was just your basic Berenstain Bears story.

Then we had Annika come over to play and they made Balloon Boppers. They colored on paper plates and then we taped them onto paint stirs. Connor kind of took on a teacher role and was telling Annika what to do since he's done it before. We blew up balloons and they bopped to their hearts content. It was cute to see them reaching and jumping to bop the balloons.


CL said...

So, I was curious, what does an average day look like for you and your pre-school with Connor? Meaning, does it last all day? Is it just an hour in the morning and then an hour after his nap? You kind of explained the curriculum you use (fabulous!), but I was just curious about the specific schedule you keep?

Oh, and P.S., I realized I didn't have a profile set up - that's why there was no link to my display name. Problem fixed! I feel so bona fide now.

laura said...

I sort of answered this in a post about day five of B week. But to clarify further: our schedule is totally flexible. Preschool is short and sweet. I don't want him to hate it or to get sick of it. If the activity planned for the day works best after his nap then we take a break after "dancing time and singing time" and continue with the activity after his nap. What generally happens is that we do his tapping (he has CF) and then I shower while he watches Curious George (and Abby's asleep) and then we do preschool before she wakes up and before we have anywhere to be. Does that answer your question?