Monday, September 18, 2006

B week: day one

Photos wouldn't upload, so I'll try to add them later.

I think Mondays are going to be tricky for preschool. I like to clean the house Monday mornings. I cannot clean the house if I don't do it first thing in the morning (after mentally preparing myself for it the night before). So that means that preschool on Mondays will most likely be happening in the afternoon. It's also better because we've started to meet a group of friends at the duck pond on Monday mornings (usually after I've finished cleaning everything except the bathroom).

So this afternoon when Connor woke up from his nap we jumped right in. Actually, he came in to me and said, "we have to go to Starfall, Mommy." (That's the first website we visit each day.)

He is catching on to the two-thousand six thing with the date. It's cute. He's not getting the days of the week very quickly (he thinks it's Sunday if it's sunny and yet knows that Sunday is Church day, hmmm), but he knows that it's 2006 and was very excited that I added that to our calendar today.

Connor was excited to watch the letter B at Starfall today. Five days of watching the letter A was enough. But not too much. He didn't get bored with it, but said today that he didn't want to do A again. Good thing, because it's B week now!

We skipped reading today because I knew Abby would wake up and wanted to get our activity done before she was awake. We used Connor's brand new scissors and glue to cut pictures from magazine to make a timeline. We first talked about babies and how we get "bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger." Connor often goes on and on about how he's doing just that. We talked about how we grow into little kids and then big kids and then teenagers and then grown-ups and then parents and then grandparents.

I was talking about how we are dads and moms first and then we get to be grandparents. But I guess because I was thinking about myself I said, "and then you get to be a grandma." Connor immediately said, "no-o. 'Cause I'm a boy. I can't be a grandma."

We cut pictures of kids and grown-ups out of magazines and glued them onto construction paper. He was getting tired of it by the time we got to teenager, so we just did grown-ups and then called it quits (no dads or grandpas). The picture we found of grown-ups is They Might Be Giants. That's cool because Connor has loved their Here Come the ABC's DVD.

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Anonymous said...

We lost our "Here Come the ABC's" in Utah. We love it too, thanks for recommending it. Today I asked Jacob if he wanted to watch a movie and he said "B, O, B, G, A" So, he was asking for it. We'll have to buy a new one if it doesn't show up soon! Good news is we found "Letter Factory" today at Costco for $7!