Tuesday, September 19, 2006

B week: day two

Every day I am so glad that Connor still loves doing preschool with me. He laughs and laughs at our poem (about the butterfly not being made of butter). He is already catching on to our 5 B words. He is getting more into the five senses thing, although we forget to do that some days.

Today we read two cute books about the beach. Beach Day by Karen Roosa. Cute, but not excellent. Don't go out searching for it. And How Will We Get to the Beach? by Brigitte Luciani. Very cute. A woman wants to go to the beach and she's taking five things with her (one of which is her baby). Since her car won't start she's looking for another way to get there, but each mode of transportation she tries would make it necessary to leave behind one of the five things. You have to guess which thing won't be able to come with each mode of transportation. And of course in the end they find a way to get there and have a great day at the beach. Connor and I both highly recommend this book.

Singing Time was at our house today, so we had fun singing and playing with our friends. I read Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing to the kids and they (and their moms) loved it. Connor was so into it when I was reading it. Like he was the proud owner of this great book. He was helping me read it and explaining the pictures to the younger kids. It made me so happy to see him get so giddy about a book, especially about sharing that book with his friends.

After all our friends went home we went to the post office to mail Connor's birthday invitations. We are excited to have an ABCs and Green party for his 3rd birthday since those are his two favorite things. He enjoyed putting the "Happy Birthday" stamps on the postcards and handing them to the postal worker to be mailed. (On a side note, Glenn, our friendly and quirky postal worker is retiring this Saturday. We'll miss him and all his weird comments, especially since all the others are very straight-faced and monotone.)

Then we went to the bakery so Connor could spend some of his pennies on a cookie. The man there gave him the cookie for free, but pretended to take a few pennies from his "spending" cup. He picked a horseshoe shaped cookie today.

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