Monday, September 11, 2006

A week: day one (first day of preschool)

Connor and i had a very fun first day of preschool. I'm trying to make it really feel different than just Connor and Mommy time. It's school. We have a routine that we follow each day and Connor is the student and Mommy is the teacher.

This week is A week. We will be doing fun activities that include words that start with the short A sound (/a/).

Today after computer time, chart time, and story time (we read Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judi Barrett; love this one!), we did "running time" instead of dancing time and singing time. We went to the duck pond and met our friends and ran around and played. It was great to get outside. And it was a little chilly, so we got to wear jackets. We love fall!

When we got home we had snack. While we were sitting there eating, I was trying to think of something we could discuss while munching. And Connor said, "what things get messy? And what things don't get messy?" So we talked about things that make messes, like mud, and popcorn booty on your fingers, and toys all over the room. And things that don't make messes, like drinking from sippy cups. I thought it was great that Connor came up with such a good topic of conversation for snack time. Maybe he should be the preschool teacher!

Then we did our activity. For social studies, we talked about writing letters and then we wrote a letter to Alan (Daddy) since his name starts with A. We'll walk down and put it in the mail later today.

To end, we reviewed what we'd done and talked about how we used our five senses. Connor thought the envelope glue tasted yucky, but the "popcorn booty"* we had for snack tasted good.

It was a great preschool day!

*We used to buy Pirate's Booty, but now I buy the Trader Joe's brand that's the same and much cheaper. Connor refers to the TJ's kind as "popcorn booty" to differentiate.

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