Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A week: day two

Today we did preschool after Connor's nap because he had a CF check-up at Columbia in the city. He is healthy and doing great! We're so grateful for that.

Tuesday is math day, so we read a book of number rhymes that had cute illustrations. It's called One Two, Skip a Few and it's illustrated by Roberta Arenson. Then we did some serious jumping time and singing time. So much jumping that we made Abby barf! I was holding her and jumping and singing and then when I looked at her she was covered in barf. yuk!

then we worked with math boards. they're just pictures of trees and we use apple erasers as the manipulatives to work on counting and numbers (and I used these in elementary school for addition and subtraction). We put apples on, counted them, "ate" them, and then counted how many were left. Connor enjoyed it and said that the apples "smelled good!"

We also did a couple of A sheets that I printed from starfall.com. Connor was very good at circling the capital A's red and the lowercase A's green. He also drew an amazing capital A all by himself! I'm amazed at his fine motor skills. In the picture he's writing C for Connor on the name line.

A fun and successful second day of preschool!


Anonymous said...

i loved those erasures as a kid, they did smell good! good times.

so how long do you prepare what you are going to do and how far in advance do you do it?

liz f

Gram said...

What a good idea for Connor and making it flexible to your schedule with Abby is really good. You really have a "Dream" job. You make it that way because of your talents and love you have for your family. Connor sitting on the couch looks so much like Michael.