Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A week: day three

Connor's response to "Are you ready for preschool?" was an emphatic "YES!" this morning. That made me feel good about my efforts.

We read a story called The Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch. It was kind of a dumb story, in my opinion. The parents kept going back to the zoo and coming home with the wrong baby. Then the little girl had to go find her baby brother in the gorilla's cage. I guess it's kind of a clever story. But just not my favorite. Not that I want Connor to read books that tell childbirth like it is, I just don't like stories that make it seem like you just go to the hospital (or zoo) and pick up your baby. Like it's no big deal. Because it's a pretty big deal!

We danced to some REM today. Connor picked the CD because it had a checkerboard on it and we danced to "Losing My Religion." Nice song for scriptures/gospel study day, huh?

Then we learned about Adam and Eve. We read one verse in the scriptures about how Adam had the job of naming all the animals. Connor thought that was cool. I started to tell him about the tree and the fruit and Satan and then decided maybe he's not old enough for that story yet. So we stuck with Adam getting to name all the animals and his wife's name being Eve.

That's it. Another fun day of preschool.

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