Friday, October 06, 2006

D week: Friday


Today we read Dig Dig Digging, a book we've checked out from the library before. Connor was excited to see it again. And was disappointed to see that it had been ripped pretty badly by another library patron.

Then I did a little assessment. I had Connor draw (starts with D) Daddy. Actually I told him he could draw whoever he wanted, but it had to be a person. He chose Daddy. Sticking with the D theme, of course. I want to do this every couple of months just because I'm interested in how his view of and ability to represent people will develop. (Last week for C week he drew a picture of me under the clouds we made with cotton balls. Yesterday he looked at that picture hanging on the fridge and said, "Mommy, I forgot to draw your feet. I have to draw your feet on there!" But then he didn't draw feet today.)

We went to Costco this afternoon to get the pictures we had printed of Connor's birthday party so we can send them out in our thank-you cards. While we were there we somehow started saying the D poem that we've been reading each day this week. I thought it was a harder one that Connor wouldn't be able to memorize, but would enjoy. But he can say almost the whole thing! It's catchy and cute and once you say it a few times it does stick. It'll be fun to share our poetry with our family on our trip!

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