Thursday, October 05, 2006

D week: Thursday

Just a regular preschool day. Computer time. Chart time. Word cards and Poem. Connor's really catching on to this week's poem now. But it's trickier to memorize than the last three. We read a book called Dog's Day about a dog who spends his day playing with other animals, doing what they do, for example, changing color with chameleon and flying with bird. And it ends with him saying that his favorite thing to do is play with his daddy. Cute book. I loved the illustrations. We were suppose to do play-doh today for our activity, but it was a busy day getting ready for the birthday party tomorrow and the kitchen was a mess from cake baking.

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liz said...

you might think this is gross, but we had a lot more fun with play-doh when I got out the rolling pin and little cookie cutters! they wash in the dishwasher just fine afterwards! zane had a blast and made a moon and heart and circles on his own- good shape discussions.