Thursday, November 16, 2006

H week: Monday through Thursday

Can you tell what kind of week it's been around here? B-U-S-Y!

Monday we sent Uncle "Chihuahua" Scott an e-card and called him to sing Happy Birthday. We also did our computer and chart time and read Who Hops? by Katie Davis. It's a really cute book that has a surprising twist to it. I recommend it!

Tuesday we learned about habitats (not what I had planned). Since it didn't look like we'd have time to sit down and do preschool, and since I wanted to keep Connor awake on the way to Target and he was looking drowsy, I did an impromptu preschool lesson. We started talking about habitats and homes and the different animal homes there are. I was surprised at first that Connor kept referring to the zoo (or a fence) as a habitat. But really, that's where he sees animals. So I tried to teach him about animals in the wild, but that's pretty abstract to him. We had a good conversation for about 15 minutes about different animal habitats. It was fun.

Wednesday we did our computer and chart time as usual. We read two H books that we got from the library. We also traced our hands and colored them to look like Turkeys. Then I gave Connor the lesson I wanted to teach last week about The Golden Rule and he was pretty into it. More than I thought he'd be. To turn it into an H week thing (and make it simpler to explain, I think) I taught him that he should Help others be Happy. That made sense to him. If he's going to help Abby be happy, should he pull her down? Probably not. Should he smile and sing her a song. Sure! I tried using this phrase after our lesson and it's a good way to encourage good behavior rather than focusing on the negative behaviors.

Today we practiced hopping on one foot. It's hard for him. He's getting a little better. He also had fun exploring Starfall for a while. While his friend Annika was here he showed her how he does his calendar and the letter of the week on Starfall. It was cute to hear him "being the teacher."

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