Sunday, November 19, 2006

I week: plans

Here are the plans for I week:

word cards: inside, igloo, iguana, inch, instrument.

by Katrina Lybbert

Inchworm, inchworm on the ground,
Crawling slowly, not a sound,
Do you wonder what you'll see,
When you pass beyond that tree?

Careful now, my little friend,
A bird is just around the bend,
Better hide inside that tree,
Where you will be safe and free!

Monday: in/out; opposites. We'll review the concept of opposites and read Inside Outside Upside-Down by the Berenstains.

Tuesday (math): inches. Introduction to measurement. Connor's seen me use rulers, we'll talk about what they're for and measure a few things in inches.

Wednesday: icky. The clue word for the letter I on The Letter Factory is "icky." We'll read Bartholomew and the Oobleck and then make some icky oobleck.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Even though this week is about the /i/ sound (short sound of the letter I), we will just use the letter I for today. We'll say "I am thankful for..." and take turns listing things we are grateful for. We did this in the car the other day and it was good to hear what Connor appreciates in his life.

Friday: Honestly, we probably won't do preschool on Friday, but if we do, we'll play some musical instruments together and have a band.

Other I words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: iguana, insects, igloo, inchworm, inside, India, Italy, etc.

Note: This week is all about the short sound of the letter I, as in icky. Of course, it's fine to point out that words like ice cream start with I too and to explain that the I makes two sounds, short and long, but the focus of this week is the /i/ sound.

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