Saturday, January 13, 2007

L week: Friday

{Connor and his new buddy Marco playing at the magnet tables}

We decided to check out a different library for L week and it turned out to be a great outing for all three of us. Connor loved the new setting: computers, puppets, puzzles, magnet tables, a cave, etc. It was the best kids library I've seen. Both Connor and Abigail had a blast exploring the new territory.

We checked out a theme bag about penguins, a book and CD set, and a movie to watch for our weekly pizza/movie night.

L is for library!

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liz said...

so jealous- i can't find a good kids library here! that one sounds so perfect.

zane loves starfall too and we always play the guy who sings the alphabet. L la lollypop. I love the Q QUA QUEEEEEEEEN part the best. Zane loves the I i itchy!