Monday, January 08, 2007

L week: plans & Monday

We're back from vacation and back to preschool. It was fun to get out the calendar today and make our January calendar. Connor also loved getting back into Starfall. He did get a chance to show his Papa Rich Starfall while we were in Utah and loved sharing that with him.

Here are the plans for L week:

word cards: lighthouse, lollypop, lion, ladybug, library

by Judith Thurman

Humps are lumps
and so are mumps.

Bumps make lumps
on heads.

Mushrooms grow
in clumps of lumps—
on clumps of stumps,
in woods and dumps.

Springs spring lumps
in beds.

Mosquito bites
make itchy lumps.

Frogs on logs
make twitchy lumps.

Monday: litter. We discussed what litter is and I asked Connor if he would ever litter and he looked at me like I was crazy. "I won't, Mommy!" he said. We're not litterbugs in our family.

Tuesday: learn & listen. We have Mommy & Me Spanish Class tomorrow. We will listen closely so that we can learn some new Spanish words. We'll listen to our Spanish CD on the way to class to get in the mood to learn.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): Love. We'll learn the song "Jesus Said Love Everyone" and talk about the commandment to love.

Thursday: left & right. This whole week I'll be stressing left and right with Connor. But on Thursday we'll do a fun dancing/movement activity using our left and right arms and legs and ears, etc.

Friday: library. We'll visit the library and pick out a movie to watch for pizza/movie night. Perhaps Lion King.

Other L words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: ladybug, letters, leaves, lighthouse, lollypops, locks, light/dark.

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