Thursday, January 18, 2007

M week: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


We learned the names of the coins with a cute little song (you can hear part of it here). We sorted a pile of coins and talked about who is pictured on them. Sad, but I had to go to Wikipedia to find out who was on the dime. I don't think I'd ever figured it out. We also read a little "book" online about where money is made (find "Birth of a Coin" here). We said, "money is made in a mint" 10 times fast! Lots of M's.


I told Connor briefly the story of Moses. We had a couple of pictures in our Gospel Art Picture kit, but I didn't have a book about it. I should have found one. Not a very exciting preschool day, but at least when he hears the story of Moses at Church it'll sound familiar.


We did some movement and music activities today. When Connor saw that I'd pulled out some of our song visual aids for preschool today he shot his arm into the air and said, "Yay!" We sang The Ants go Marching... and Old Macdonald. Connor had fun marching around the room.

We also looked on the map and found Spain, Maine, and Africa, which are mentioned in our poem, "The Magic Carpet."

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