Friday, January 19, 2007

M week: Friday

Today we made masks. I looked online to find a cute (hopefully Martha Stewart kids) pattern for making cute masks. Nothing super cute, but I found a great website with craft ideas for all holidays and themes. It's called Enchanted Learning. The crafts are a little cheesey and pretty basic, but that's good for the 3 year old age group.

These are the groundhog masks we made today. I figured that Groundhog day is only 2 weeks away, so we could make our masks for M week, then anticipate Groundhog day, learning what it's all about.

We also painted with marbles. We put paper in a small container with paint and marbles and shook it all around, making some interesting paintings. Maybe we'll write notes on them and mail them to friends or family.

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Gram said...

What a clever, dedicated Mom you are. The pictures of the masks were really cute. I'll bet not many three-year olds even know what Groundhog day is and why it is celebrated. I always read the preschool blog when I want more reading about the kids and I have the time. I just don't comment on it.