Sunday, February 18, 2007

Q week: report

Q week was kind of a sad preschool week. But that's okay because there isn't much that starts with Q. Our favorite Q week activity was playing 20 Questions. Connor was really good at thinking of an animal and not telling me what he was thinking of. And he usually stumped me, which surprised me because I thought he might tend to choose an animal that he could see or one related to what I had just chosen (kind of like hide-n-seek with kids; they hide in the same place they just found you). But he was original and very good at the game.

On Thursday we headed up to Rhode Island to visit our friends here, so we didn't have preschool Thursday or Friday. But we did play 20 Questions with our friends.


liz said...

yikes that WILL be a hard letter, but another mom will cover that one for us thankfully. but maybe I will suggest to her quick/ slow. the boys love dancing fast and slow to music.

chyayn said...

Lee Anne had some cute ideas for Q... somwone hides a Quarter, and as the others get closer to it you QUACK loud and QUACK QUIET when they are far away from it. She also made a cute little craft kindof a groundhog day idea for letter Q...put a little cut out of a QUEEN on a popscicle stick that pokes in and out of a paper cup which is the QUICKSAND.:)