Sunday, February 18, 2007

R week: plans

Here are the plans for R week:

word cards: river, rabbit, radio, robot, run


RIVER, river, running through the land,
Are you a traveller over foreign sand?
Are you a carrier from town to town,
River, river, as you hurry down?

Yes, I'm a carrier from town to town:
Here are ships with white sails, there are boats with brown,
What shall they bring you, what will you send?
I'll be your carrier to the land's end.

Monday (geography): We drove home from Rhode Island. We'll look at a map and see where we traveled.

Tuesday (reading): R is for Reading! We'll start reading some early readers I have. I'll read most of the words and have him help with one word on each page. Unless he shows interest in reading more on his own.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): Read the scriptures. While visiting our friends this past weekend, we read the scriptures every night. I need to start this practice with Connor. We'll start on Wednesday, reading the scriptures. Reading and remembering what we've been taught. Not an original or great R week idea, but something I need to make sure I do with my kids and this is my chance to make it happen.

Thursday (movement/music): Red, Red, Red. A game from The Toddler's Busy Book. Call out three colors. If they're the same (red, red, red) then the child(ren) runs, skips, or hops to a distant point and back. If they're different (red, red, yellow) then no one moves.

Friday (art project): Rainbow crayons. I've been wanting to do this with Connor, but never did. This is the week we'll actually do it. I hope.

Other R words that might come up or spark ideas for activities: rainbow, ring, ribbon, right/left, rectangle, responsibility, rose. (Check the Letter of the Week and Everyday Preschool links at right for more ideas.)

Other things we'll fit in this week:
Listening to the radio
Teaching Abigail the sign for rabbit.
Run around as much as possible; Connor needs more exercise.

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