Friday, February 23, 2007

Rainbow Crayons

I told Connor we'd be doing this activity on Friday early in the week. He kept asking if it was "Friday art day" yet. So he was pretty excited when he saw me pull out the crayons this morning. It was a fun, easy craft. Easier than I thought it would be. This could easily be done with several kids, especially if you chopped up the crayons beforehand and just separated them into piles so the kids could design their own crayons.

Our Rainbow Crayons didn't turn out as great as Martha's, but did I really expect them to? Not really. The important part is that we had fun and that Connor got to mix the colors he wanted to mix together. His favorite colors are green and brown, so he had to make a crayon swirled with those two colors. He also chose to make a gold and pinkish-purple one and a blue and orange and white one. The others, besides the rainbow one which we did that way on purpose, just sort of got thrown together. Next time I'll definitely get some shaped muffin tins (I think they have disposable ones at Michael's) to make it even more fun.

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Gram said...

What a fun thing to do! I am continually amazed at the activities you find to do with Connor. We didn't have the internet to find things and there wasn't a lot of money for books when I was raising my four. You really do some neat things for your preschool. I'm sure Abby will enjoy preschool as much as Connor has this year.