Thursday, May 17, 2007

V week: Volcano (a little late)

Well, you never can predict precisely when a volcano will erupt. Right? I'm actually not sure about how well they can predict volcanic eruptions. But we didn't get a chance to make our volcano until Tuesday night, during W week.

But it was still fun! Connor and I made the mountain by coloring rocks and grass and dirt and trees and volcanic rock on paper that we had taped onto a water bottle. When Alan got home we prepared for the eruption. We just put some baking soda into the bottle. (Use a funnel; it makes it so much easier.) Then we poured in the vinegar and our eruption was immediate. We tried twice and both times Connor jumped back and smiled with excitement.

Fast forward 9 years or so and he'll be making a much cooler volcano for the science fair, right?

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Gram said...

Oh, I'm sure he'll be thinking of something much more exciting as smart as he is. The pictures were cute and you can tell he enjoyed the reactions.