Monday, May 14, 2007

W week: plans

I'm a little late planning this week. Today was a "free" day. We'll start W week tomorrow.

Here are the plans for W week:

word cards: walk, window, wish, water, wind

Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie
running through the town,
upstairs and downstairs
in his nightgown,
rapping at the window
and crying through the lock,
are all the children in their beds,
it's past eight o'clock.

Monday (science or social studies): We walked up to our friends' house today to play. :)

Tuesday (math): days of the week. We know a song that talks about the number of days in the week being seven. We'll review the days of the week and what each day is memorable for in our schedules.

Wednesday (scriptures/Gospel): We've read the story of Jesus walking on the water before, but we'll review it and review the miracle that it is and the faith that Peter had to walk on the water like the Savior.

Thursday (movement/music): water play. Connor loves to play at the kitchen sink in the water. I'll find some fun new toys for him to play with and let him go Wild! I'll turn on some music for him to enjoy and we'll review hearing the violin from V week.

Friday (art project): wind sock. We'll make a wind sock from an oatmeal cylinder. Connor can decorate it with paper and stickers and then we'll hang streamers from it and hang it outside where we can watch it catch the wind.

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